The Treasury Department of the South Central Conference of Seventh-day Adventists welcomes you to our facilities, our services, and our hearts as we share in the bountiful blessings awaiting us in 2020.

January 1, 2020 ushers in more than a new month. It heralds the beginning of a new quarter, a new year, a new decade. To witness this period of history is a blessing, a privilege, and in many instances, a miracle. God brought us over this threshold with the promise to lead us, guide us, protect us, and provide for us. And His promises are guaranteed.

The blessings of 2019 are too many to document at this juncture. We simply pause to say “Thank you” to God for His goodness; to our Executive team for providing leadership and counsel for these challenging times; to our church district pastors, leaders and members scattered across Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Tennessee; to our friends and benefactors whose contributions assist in the fulfillment of our goals. We are especially grateful to all those who responded to special requests this year, including but not limited to our Oshkosh Camporee and assistance for survivors of hurricane Dorian. Continued blessings will be showered on each of you.

Faithful stewards can testify to the importance of systematic benevolence. They consistently demonstrate that God can trust them to be obedient; their coffers are never empty.

For the Treasury Department of South Central Conference, the year 2020 will not be marked with “business as usual”. We are committed to the daily realization of “Something Better” – better stewards in our management, our service, and our witness to our nuclear families, our consistency, our communities, and the world, in preparation for Christ’s imminent return. To this end, we solicit your fervent prayers. Please feel free to call, visit and share in our commitment for a “finished work”.

May God use you in creative ways to accomplish your goals and support the work of His church in this decade and beyond.

Sonja M. Crayton


Office Ext: 115

Valerie Reid

Associate Treasurer

Office Ext: 118

Keisha Stubbs


Office Ext: 116

Marc Ware

Risk Manager/Auditor

Office Ext: 111

Jasmine Best


Office Ext: 112

Alicia Hunt

Payroll Manager

Office Ext: 117

Marcia Metansingh

Departmental Secretary

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